Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye 2012, Hi 2013 !

Finally 2012 is coming to an end! As usual, lots of ups and downs here and there. But i learn alot this year! Like how to let go of things, etc.

I have to admit that, begining of 2012 really suck big time! Quarrelled with my bestest bestest close friends, BUT at least we are good and close as before now. (Damn! feel like crying thinking back what happen)

I think because of my out-going character, i made alots of friends during work!  Hehehehe! So sorry for being so thick skin. HAHAH! Thanks for coming into my life!

Despite so many problems attacking me at one go, I MANAGE TO SURVIVE! YES! My life really very dramatic! ._.

I shall sum up 2012 for what i could rmb now:
*I finally went to USS!
*Went to club for the first time during S's birthday!
*Got my Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism from PSB!
*My first time taking plane! To Hongkong and Shenzhen!
*Won a pair of tix to Tw in luckydraw!
*Hit the big 2!
*Spend my birthday and christmas with my loveones.
and many more which i couldn't remember now.

Well, there are things which are worth looking forward to 2013!
things like :
Removing my braces.
Appling for my dream job.
21st birthday celebration.
and moreee..

And now, resolution for 2013:
1. Pass my TP!
2. Got into my dream job.
3. Have 5 soild digit in my bank!
4. More overseas trips!

Lastly, really wanna thank everyone for being in my life no matter for good or the bad, but at least let me learn. Thanks to those who stay despite my nonsense.


Meantime, got to go prepare for work at Dempsey! Feel free to come and look for me, we can count down together! :D


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