Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day #1 at Hongkong/ Shen Zhen!

Since i have nothing to do at home, I shall blog about my trip to Hongkong last year. And i'm so lazy that, i've yet even finish uploading the photos! ;p

Anyway, we planned this trip like 4months ago?
Only get to meet up and do the itinerary like last few weeks before the trip. We manage to plan the whole trips thought its just a 4days3nights trip. As the both of us were busy with school and work. Really hard to set the date to fly.

As our flight is early in the morning like 6plus (if i 'm not wrong). We didn't get to sleep, except on the plane to HK and a short nap at the Airport Mcdonald.

We are super lucky! We took Tiger Airway which purposely have to board our flight at Budget terminal.
But after we went to do some research at the Tiger airway, we realise our flight is one of the first flight which depart from Terminal 2! Lucky bitches!

See who i saw at the Airporttttt!

Oh yah! Its my first time taking airplane! Say im suaku, idc. Blame my parents. Forever travel without us
So my virgin experience with this lovely darling here. Please be honored! 


I remember after we declared, we went to this counter to get our train pass. We got the Airport Express ticket to Tsing Yi.

Anyway, the hotel which we are going to stay is at Yau Ma Tei (pronounced as ya ma tei).
Therefore we have to transfer to another train from Tsing Yi. 
We also bought another ticket as the airport express can only bring you to certain places.

We alighted at the Kai King, which is one stop after Tsing Yi. And took the red line all the way to Yau Ma Tei.

To my surprise, the hotel we are staying is freaking near the MTR! Like just less than 5mins from the station! 

Because we reach the hotel before we could check-in, we have to wait awhile, while they prepare our room for us. 
So meantime, we walk into one a random Cha Chang Teng near our hotel to have our late breakfast.

Hungry girl is a angry girl! 



Waiting to check-in :

Nice people in nice hotel! I LIKEY!
Anyway, its our rooooooom! Spacious! Double LIKE! 

We actually have a hard time choosing which hotel to stay. If you know me well enough, you should know i always do research before i travel! Or like restaurants which neither me nor my friend had dine in before.
We had a number of hotels for us to choose from, from 3stars all the way to 5. But end up choosing this 3stars hotel. Actually, it doesn't even counted as a  hotel, rather, a lodge which was written on their signboard. But i feel more like staying in a 4stars hotel, instead a 3stars lodge! 
Some of our consideration when choosing the hotel. 
1. Location 
2. Space available in the room 
Reason why space available in the room is in our consideration is because, we need lots of place to put my barang barang! And we wont want to trip and fall flat on the ground, and ruin our holiday mood. 

We changed, and out on some make up, and continue our plan! 

We just landed at HK, but we are heading to another country! To Shen Zhen, China! Hehehe! 
Again, we have to change train here and there. 
Yau Ma Tei> Kowloon Tong> Lo Wu.
I can't remember at which station, we cant use either the Octopus Card or Tourist Day Pass and we have to buy another card to proceed to our destination.

We took the First class train! Woohoooo! HAHAHA! But not cheap!

At Luo Wu immigration to Shen Zhen. Guess what happen there! Was told by the officer that I need VISA to go to Shen Zhen which i have no idea about it! I freaked out! And in my heart, i was like, HUH?! HOW?! I didn't know i can apply VISA there, on the spot, i thought must apply few days before I leave Singapore. SUAKU! -.-

The kids there. They look like ducklings from far! 

After clearing the immigration, here we are, at Shen Zhen. We bought the "ticket" which is coin, to Lao Jie, to start shopping!  Must be thinking, the two young lady are very brave to travel there right? *flip hair*

The traffic there are really scary! The car WILL NOT stop for you even its zebra crossing! -.- 

Before we travelled to Shen Zhen, we decide to go back to HK before the sky turn dark. But just a few hours, we bought handful of things! 

This is what i get at end of the shopping spree at Shen Zhen!! 

YEAH! First class again! We were so drained out, and both of us fell asleep the way back.

Renice was at HK as well! And we meet up at Yau Ma Tei station after we head back to hotel we put our loots and head for our dinner!
I think its super cool to meet up your friends at a foreign country!
Like, where are you ah? Want meet anot?! 

Renice brought us to this restaurant at Mongkok, but i forget the name alrdy. But i think its more like a fast-food restaurant. Not sure if the food is really nice or we are just hungry. Hmmm...

After dinner, went to Argyle mall also known as 新の城 (xin zhi chen). 

Reason why i'm wearing specs is because, my eye was really red and sore after long hours of contact lens i guess. 
Back to hotel..

First thing we are back to the hotel, we took out all the things we bought and try them on, like having fashion show! 
My loots of the day, from ShenZhen.

Renice follow us back to our room and suggest that we took some crazy photos!
Ignore my reddish eye! :(

So this is how i spend the first day there! Will post about the second day soon!

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