Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day #2 at Hongkong!

So for day2, we did something a lil more interesting.
We went to the Ocean Park! 

We was choosing between Disneyland and Ocean Park.
End up going Ocean Park because they have more exciting rides than Disneyland. 
Thou I haven't been to any Disneyland, but will definitely go in the near future! Teehee!

We have difficulties waking up early due to lack of sleep from the previous day. 
However, we still made it! HAHA! Due to eye inflection from the previous day, i'm struck with my specs for the rest of the trip! ;(

Before leaving for Ocean Park, we had our breakfast buffet in the hotel itself, its complementary anyway.

But the food wasn't so fantastic, but still edible lah! 
They have limited choices for the "buffet". 
Not sure if it's because we went down late or what.

We took Metro to Admiratly, and exit from Exit B. 
Walk a short distance to the bus stop which will bring us to Ocean Park!
The bus which we took was Bus 629. 

After roughly 30mins bus ride, Here we are at Ocean Park!

Anyway, we got our entrance ticket from the hotel itself, at a cheaper price! 
Save our time for queuing up as well.

Halloween is nearing when we went there, so they have different props for halloween all around the park. 
Like Pumpkin, skull, coffin, etc..

Present to you, Panda Tongtong and Panda Yiyi. Sounds disgusting. Opps!

Can't wait to start going for all the rides! 
But we have to take this "subway" to another part of the park.

We started playing the rides after this shot and leave our bags in the locker. 
So no photos from then on.

Yummy Squid!

After Ocean Park, we went back to the hotel to wash up and change.
And continue our night activities! To explore the night scene of HK!



We were famish and just walked into a random shop and order some bites which recommended by friends.

 You tiao chee cheong fun.

 Char siew chee cheong fun


Forget where we went after Avenue of Stars. But we went to stroll somewhere near our hotel. And saw this random craypot shop and we decided to try their food. We thought HK doesnt have food that is non-edible. BUT guess what, this claypot rice taste so horrible! So terrile that you won't want to eat after first mouth! *PUI*

The panda coin which i made at Ocean Park! 

Loots of day2! 

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